Everything You Need to Know About Fishing Charters

Are you looking for a unique and exciting way to spend your vacation? A fishing charter is the perfect way to explore the local area with your family and friends. Fishing charters provide anglers with a top-notch local fishing experience, and they come with all the necessary equipment and amenities. In this article, we'll discuss everything you need to know about fishing charters, from what to expect on your trip to the cost of the charter and more. When you book a fishing charter, you'll receive a confirmation letter that contains all the details of your trip.

This includes the date, description of the trip, total cost of the trip, cancellation policy, and instructions on how to get to the boat. Make sure you read through this carefully before signing it, as it will ensure that there are no surprises at either end. At Dream Catcher Charters, we don't have any fuel surcharges on our fishing or sailing charters. Our rates are exactly what you'll pay for the trip, with the exception of tips for the guide (see our tips section for more information).

We have nine boats and three closed bathrooms, so make sure you call ahead to book them as they usually sell out quickly. If you're looking for a great fishing experience, check out our new Tidewater 24 Bay Max and ActionCraft cross-country fishing boats for four people or less. We also have a 28-foot center console for groups of six or less that comes with bathrooms. At the end of your trip, it's customary to give your captain or guide a tip of 15-20% of the trip fare.

If you don't tip, we'll assume you had a bad experience and call to find out why you weren't satisfied with our services. This is an important part of our quality control process. If there are wind conditions (within reason) that make it difficult to fish, we won't cancel your fly fishing trip just because you can't blow the wind. Instead, we'll offer rigs so that you can still enjoy your day out on the water.

Rain in Key West is usually a short-term event, so we watch the weather closely and would never put our customers in danger or give them an unpleasant day. Throughout the summer months, there's an 80% chance of rain with passing summer showers. However, if we know it's not going to be a good day out on the water, we'll cancel the trip and refund your deposit. No - marijuana remains a controlled substance in Florida.

If we discover that one of our customers is transporting it on board, we have no choice but to rescind the charter and collect in full. Please don't put one of our captains in this situation as they may lose their license because of it. We understand that people sometimes get sunburned or seasick while out on the water, so we don't like charging people for unused portions of trips. If you book a full day trip, we need to charge a full day fare no matter how long you stay out as we eliminate the boat completely during the day just for you. Make sure you don't bring more people than indicated when booking your trip as this will cause confusion and possible embarrassment. We don't have anyone else in your letter except our captain who is also your tour guide. The start-up expenses for a fishing charter business are significant - usually tens of thousands of dollars - but current rates are not as high as initial expenses.

Since you're going to be fishing in deep waters around submarine canyons, these types of charters usually last at least a full day. Fishing charters are also great for catching a child's first fish or taking them fishing if you're not as experienced and want to make sure they have a good time. Fishing charter companies should consider requiring customers to sign a service agreement before starting a trip. Deep sea fishing for big game species is often what comes to mind when thinking about fishing charters but this isn't the only type available. Many boat owners have become fishing guides who love sharing their knowledge and passion for fishing and sailing with others. If your fishing charter boat carries seven or more passengers (excluding crew), then you must have a Coast Guard license. Your professional captain will do their best to take you to an area where fish bite but keep in mind that wind conditions may affect your experience. Finally, remember that no matter how much fun you had on your fishing charter, it's illegal to bring more than what's allowed by law back home with you.

If it's legal and within its limits, then you can keep it and we'll fillet it for you.

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