Is Owning a Charter Boat Profitable? A Comprehensive Guide

Owning a yacht for rent can be profitable, but it rarely “pays for itself”. Renting your yacht presents some unique benefits that can lead to opportunities to make a return on your investment in many ways, including offsetting the cost of owning a yacht, selling your yacht for a profit, and more. Ultimately, profitability depends on a number of factors, from how much time you plan to spend onboard, your location, and the type of yacht you own. So yes, it is possible to benefit from having a charter yacht. However, achieving profitability requires careful planning, the right crew, a charter agent who can help you plan for success, and a little luck.

The relationship between purchase price, charter rates and operating costs cannot be applied to all investments made in yachts that are in the charter market. There's simply no way an owner can reimburse their capital rebates based on charter flights; that's not what the charter business is all about. Classic Yachts always has a market in the charter industry, and there are often out-of-market opportunities to go up for auction that are currently in full charter operation and could very well be acquired by a new owner. It's much better to continue chartering as in the past, as owning a charter boat presents no advantage to your situation, except for satisfying your ego. Although the owner participates in the management of the charter program, they mostly leave it to their charter manager and award-winning chef who has an MBA and “keeps an eye on things”.

Therefore, for charter yacht owners who want to charter, our patented yacht charter programs can be cost-effective. We'll tell you everything you need to know about the reality of charter yacht ownership, including what charter companies won't necessarily offer to tell you. Smarter for yacht and jet owners is an improved patented management protocol that provides substantial competitive advantages for owners with yachts and jets on charter. This protocol can significantly reduce their owning and operating costs while maximizing POSITIVE cash flow and NET PROFITS AFTER TAXES. Five years of free charter with Sunsail in Europe, the Caribbean and the South Pacific, combined with three years of charter with Horizon, can ultimately yield a modest benefit. The latter type of vessel has often made the fortunes of charter companies and owners who can rent it well, even if they target customers who could not charter a similar size (more than 65 feet) built in Holland or Italy, for example.

For most yacht owners, real net profits from yacht charter are little more than a hazy and distant dream. Meanwhile, the charter company covered docking, insurance and maintenance while paying the owner a fixed monthly stipend independent of charter income. Owning a charter boat is actually a great way to enjoy sailing for a few years without major expenses AND owning the boat at the end of the contract while the charter proceeds pay part or all of the mortgage.

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